Founder of SASSC, Julia Martinez, knows the richness of a life steeped in creative expression. She explored corporate America post-MBA and, while she gained valuable skills and many wonderful connections, she knew something was missing. Her creative spirit needed an outlet. She knew she enjoyed working with her hands and bringing ideas to life. Painting and sketching called to her.

After years of keeping her artwork private, Julia now shares her creations with everyone. The process of creating along with participation in artistic communities, provide Julia with the piece (peace) she was missing.

Her work is often inspired by childhood memories and nature witnessed exploring and traveling. She especially enjoys creating pieces that help her work through past and present challenges in life to nurture her soul and universe.

Julia works in several mediums including:

Sumi-e Ink




Mixed Media


Both her self-created work and those custom made to client’s requests are available for purchase. See image pages for further details or request more info/contact.